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Who We Are

Yotta medical school is the first educational platform in the Arab world specialized in medical field, started in beginning of 2019, to provide courses for graduates and employees in various medical and scientific fields, such as human medicine, pharmaceutics, dentistry, veterinary medicine, physiotherapy, and nursing by a selection of the best experienced Doctors, pharmacists, scientists, and veterinarians.


We aspire to be your first choice for learning by offering training courses covering all the most scientific and medical specialties.


Our mission is to try to fill the gap between what you have studied in the university and the ‎needs of Local & global labor market, and help you to develop yourself and acquire the knowledge and practical skills that necessary to excel in your career and get suitable jobs. By offering you professional educational courses, you can attend it wherever and whenever you want. These courses cover a large number of medical and scientific specialties that you can work in after graduation, in addition to providing courses aimed to developing the performance of workers in medical, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals and providing them with the latest skills and experiences required and helping them to acquire new skills to start a different specialty by a group of best specialists in those fields.

Yotta medical school is a great investment for your future, and the return is a huge amount of knowledge and experience, that will increase your value in the Job Market, and qualify you to work in the best companies and medical institutions.