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Psychological Selling Skills

Every one has his own personality. The response to the same action, will be different according to the personality style.

Course Details

1.Customers’ Personality Styles

2.Towards Better Understanding the Customers Personality styles     

3.1.5 Consumer Behaviors, Need & Motives, Adoption Curve According to Customers Personality Style



  • Number of lectures 3
  • Number of hours 03:16:12

Course Topics

Course Instructor

Dr. Mostafa Nawareg

Dr. Mostafa Nawareg

  • Dr. Mostafa graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Alex University, Egypt. Pharmacist, a doctorate in marketing
  • He obtained a lot of certificates and licenses like MBA Instructor,  Export Professional, accredited marketing consultant, and accredited delegate in Egypt from Birmingham College, UK.
  • He is an MBA instructor in many organizations like  Boston University – John Saluston UK, Birmingham College UK, Victoria Business College, European Business School, Future University in Egypt, and more.
  • He is a corporate trainer in many organizations like Hikma Pharma, Global Napi Pharma, Merz Pharmaceutical, Pharmalys Laboratories, Brand's cosmeceutical, and Epiderm.
  • His most recent role was as marketing & export Head at Xchange Egypt for Global Trade & Franchising.

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