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Pharmaceutical Marketing Management

 This course will provide participants with the most modern theories & processes of modern 5 steps marketing planning & it is philosophies. & will Start to discuss the first step of Marketing information system & IMS Data reading & insights.

Course Details

  1. Marketing Planning Process
  2. Introduction to Marketing Information System


  • Number of lectures 4
  • Number of hours 04:33:32

Course Topics

Course Instructor

Dr. Mostafa Nawareg

Dr. Mostafa Nawareg

  • Dr. Mostafa graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Alex University, Egypt. Pharmacist, a doctorate in marketing
  • He obtained a lot of certificates and licenses like MBA Instructor,  Export Professional, accredited marketing consultant, and accredited delegate in Egypt from Birmingham College, UK.
  • He is an MBA instructor in many organizations like  Boston University – John Saluston UK, Birmingham College UK, Victoria Business College, European Business School, Future University in Egypt, and more.
  • He is a corporate trainer in many organizations like Hikma Pharma, Global Napi Pharma, Merz Pharmaceutical, Pharmalys Laboratories, Brand's cosmeceutical, and Epiderm.
  • His most recent role was as marketing & export Head at Xchange Egypt for Global Trade & Franchising.

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