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Introduction to Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

Pharmaceutical dosage forms as a vehicle to deliver the drug to the site of absorption, and Solid dosage forms as a matrix system

Course Details

  1. Introduction to Pharmaceutical dosage forms classifications
  2. Solid dosage forms:
  3. Tablets
  4. Capsules
  5. Hard Gelatin Capsule
  6. Soft Gelatin Capsule
  7. Powders and granules
  8. Primary Packaging
  9. Secondary Packaging
  10. Area design and Hygienic classification


  • Number of lectures 6
  • Number of hours 10:57:02

Course Topics

Course Instructor

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Raafat

Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Raafat

  • Dr. Ahmed Raafat graduated with bachelor of pharmacy from Cairo university, Egypt.
  • He got MBA (Executive) from AASTM.
  • He has a huge experience in operation Management & Consultations. 
  • Professionally Certified Operation Manager, Knowledge Institute, January 2011.
  • His most recent role was as project manager at SAJA Pharmaceuticals Egypt (BIOPHARM).


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