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Yotta signs a protocol of cooperation with “ACICT”

Yotta Medical School has signed a protocol of cooperation with Academy Company for Information and Communication Technology “ACICT”, the technical and commercial arm of Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport, Which is considered as one of the most specialized organizations established within the scope of the League of Arab States.

The agreement of cooperation between both institutions aims to prepare, develop and train the professional cadres for the labour market, as well as assist students by providing them with the best educational and training service, informing them of every various medical sciences news and changes, and giving them the knowledge and practical skills which is necessary to excel in their professional lives and obtain Suitable jobs, using professional training courses from a practical view, in addition to obtaining the best local and international accreditation.

Eng. Mohamed El-Baz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Baz Group expressed his hope that this fruitful cooperation would contribute for creating a strategic base of human energies for work and creativity in various professional fields that serve the goals of both institutions.

On his part, Eng. Ahmed Sharaf, Managing Director of Academy Company for Information and Communication Technology, expressed his aspiration for this positive cooperation with Yotta Academy, wishing that this agreement would boost the developing awareness, in order to educate, train and qualify all learners in a way that serves society and the extent of its future progress.

“Academy Company for Information and Communication Technology” is a pioneering company in developing information infrastructure programs. The company provides its services and integrated solutions in the fields of information, communication technology and human development.

It has also provided an administrative structure through administrative training to ministries, institutions and companies through a group of specialized units.


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