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Located at the heart of Delaware, United States of America, EBU is a licensed in Legal form, Educational institution which located in USA. Offering business and entrepreneurship programs with high quality that can give students powerful tools for turning their ideas to real business projects also can helping them to develop their careers. EBU seeks to enhance the entrepreneurial culture in the society and promote systematic scientific awareness about the importance of entrepreneurship in the progress of advanced societies. EBU will enhance communication between universities, academic field and the large community. EBU believes that access to education especially in entrepreneurship and management can promote world peace and global development As a basic right higher education can transform not only the lives of students, but also their families’ lives, their communities, and by extension, the world.

“E3mel business medical” is accredited by the National Quality Institute: EBU EBU

We are glad to announce that “E3mel business medical” educational and training platform has got an accreditation from National Quality Institute (NQI), as appreciation for the ongoing effort of “E3mel business medical” platform to provide the best training for graduates and employees in various medical and scientific fields, to qualify them with the skills they need to be in line with the medical labor market in Egypt and abroad.

The National Quality Institute is one of the affiliated institutions of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and it is one of the supporting institutions for the public and private production and service sectors.

NQI is also one of the main pillars responsible for spreading quality concepts in Egypt, as it is the authority responsible for spreading the culture of quality in the various work institutions, and developing national standards that are in line with international standards for restructuring training institutions and improving the quality of their operations and outputs in a way that leads to Gaining the community's trust in it, and increasing its competitiveness locally and internationally.

Since The National Quality Institute is regarded as the National House of Expertise for increasing the efficiency and development of human resources and spreading quality concepts and culture throughout all products and services sectors of Egyptian society, we are happy to work with it

"E3mel business medical" is accredited from February 5 through February 4, 2026. We continuously work to provide all "E3mel business medical" students with the highest quality education by offering the best training programmes and the most solid scientific content in a variety of medical and scientific fields.