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The Power of Operational Excellence in Healthcare

The course provides an introduction of operational excellence in hospitals and healthcare business …

Course Details

Introduction to The Power of Operational Excellence in Healthcare Business

The Triple Operational Challenge

The 7 Flows of Healthcare (Process Description)

Opportunities for Improvement

Lean Approach in Healthcare

Patient Experience and Reflections

Journey  Mapping and Customer Corridor

Dimensions of Service Quality


  • Number of lectures 3
  • Number of hours 04:04:00

Course Topics

Course Instructor

Dean of Yotta Medical School

Dean of Yotta Medical School

Dr.Soliman is a well known strategic visionary healthcare leader for more than 30 years of experience in Egypt and Gulf region, led and participated in multinational teams in operation and management of more than 5 highly qualified JCI accredited hospitals in the region, he was the corporate CMO of Alameda HC group in Egypt inclusive of As-salam Int'l Hospital and Dar Alfoad Hospital, CEO of Topmed Egypt, the Strategic Arm of Saudi German Hospitals Group in Egypt, CEO Rafea Hospital, KSA and Deputy CEO of Saad Specialist Hospital, KSA ... in addition to passing through most of the senior hospital managerial posts in Aramco MDFD and Al.Mana General Hospitals Group in KSA. 

Dr.Soliman is a Consultant General Surgeon and MBA qualified from Aberdeen University and is a known Professor, International Healthcare Management affiliated with Academy of Leadership Science Switzerland and some other Leadership institutes in Egypt with major interest in Hoapitals Operation and Management,  Emotional Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Strategic Thinking, Healthcare IT Solutions and Leadership.


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