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Pharmaceutical Medical Function

This course will engage you into the holistic awareness of the medical job which considered currently a very important Job, and has a separated department throughout many of pharmaceutical corporations.

Course Details

  • Via this course we will navigate throughout the principles of the job, requirements of the personal who seeking for joining this job, in addition we will settle a many of definitions, expressions, maneuvers and protocols that always constantly related to the medical function.
  • Furthermore, we will know career path, rotation and the functions that could be intersected with the medical function.
  • The module designed for medical first line management aspiring and / or Country medical lead (This is according to internal career ladder of each company).

1-Definitions and conceptualization of the medical function.

2-Basic requirements and role In different Tasks.

3-How to excel the medical role.

4- MSL

5-Advisory Board and Medico-Compliance Aspect.

6-Clinical trials, monitoring of the visual aids and medical info, scientific strategic planning, supervision and controlling

  • Number of lectures 4
  • Number of hours 02:45:23

Course Topics

Course Instructor

Dr. Rimon Gorgui

Dr. Rimon Gorgui

  • Dr. Rimon Gorgui graduated with bachelor of Veterinary from Cairo university, Egypt.
  • Dr. Remone is Senior Product Manager at NOVELL PHARMA.
  • 17years of professional Transformational, innovative & versatile experience which mainly in sales, marketing,Medical & training.
  • Regional Medical Scientific Liaisonn at SANDOZ /Egypt/ Sudan/Africa. 
  • Medico-Marketing Product Manager at Sunny Medical Group. 
  • District Sales Manager- Anti-Infectives at HIKMA. 
  • District Medical Sales Manager at GSK-CH /Egypt.
  • Executive Medical Representative at SANDOZ.
  • Neuroscience Promotion Sales Specialist at EVA Pharma.


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