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Marketing Research

This course is a study of the scientific process of a problem solving and research in a marketing context

Course Details

This course is a study of the scientific process of a problem solving and research in a marketing context. It covers concepts of problem definition, hypotheses generation, developing the research plan (including data sources, research instrument, and sampling plan), collecting data, analyzing and interpreting information, and reporting the research findings. The course will place emphasis on the statistical and quantitative tools for analyzing data.

  • Understanding what is meant by marketing research
  • The process and methodology of marketing research
  • The uses of IMS data “reading and analysis”
  • Understating the different ways of quantitative data analysis
  • How to conduct a proper focus group
  • What are the different Sampling techniques and their best way of application?
  • Number of lectures 4
  • Number of hours 04:02:59

Course Topics

Course Instructor

Dr. Amgad Fahmy

Dr. Amgad Fahmy

- A consultant & professor of marketing, Arab academy since 2011, after finishing his master degree from the academy major marketing, at 2009.

-  joined RITI as marketing instructor since 2014 with facilitation for many marketing branches as marketing principles, strategies and research.

- Had also finished his CIM professional certificate and diploma at 2011 AUC, Egypt.

- Got a long experience in sales and marketing through working with many multinational pharmaceutical companies since 2001 till 2018 all these 18 years of experience had been used as an added value for the teaching and facilitation ways for many modules at many fields of business.

- Had many TOT from multinational companies in the field of teaching and training & facilitation as Merz, Aspire and EBI.

- At 2014  joined the EBI (Egyptian Banking Institute) and become a certified instructor under the umbrella of ACCET.

- By September become a certified trainer for Pearson university, UK.

- Finished his university studies at Zagazig university faculty of veterinary medicine May 1999.

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