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Marketing Diploma in Healthcare Organization

By the end of this course; the participants will be able to: Understand & applying how to attaract and maintain theier customers in long relationship and also gain a competitive advantages over the healthcare competitors in the market.

Course Details

Marketing: Creating and Capturing Customer Value
-Company and Marketing Strategy Partnering to Build Customer Relationships
-Analyzing the Marketing Environment
-Managing Marketing Information to Gain Customer Insights
-Consumer Markets and Consumer Buyer Behavior
-Business Markets and Business Buying Behavior
-Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy
-Product, Services, and Brands
-New-Product Development and Product Life-Cycle Strategies
-Pricing and Pricing Strategies
-Marketing Channels
-Retailing and Wholesaling
-Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy
-Advertising and Public Relations
-Personal Selling and Sales Promotion
-Direct and Online Marketing
-Creating Competitive Advantage
-The Global Marketplace


  • Number of lectures 5
  • Number of hours 13:05:09

Course Topics

Course Instructor

Mohamed Attia Abdalla

Mohamed Attia Abdalla

-DBA – MBA in Marketing
-25 Years of Experience in Healthcare sectors (pharmaceutical – Laberatory – Hospital) in international companies
-Middle East and Africa Alexandria university.
Pharos university.
IRRAS Academy – Pearson UK
John Sulston University – UK, MBA & DBA (international Marketing & Marketing). CAVB – Cameroon – Tunisia – Congo RDC.
Quadrate Training Co.

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