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Why We Are Different

An Introduction about the healthcare industry and how it is really different than any other business industries

Course Details

During This course We will know more details about our unique industry using in-depth more details about our Customers , our services and how to provide it

  • The patient-Centered organization is a real cornerstone and means a very bright future.
  •  Patients are Customers? Patients are Clients? We are going to know.
  • Doctors in Healthcare As Customers, Providers
  •  Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Facilities in general. How to be prepared & Equipped to provide the services.
  • Human resources, The most precious assets we really have, how to prepare them? How to keep them well recognized & appreciated
  •  Medicine Management! What is it? How it helps & enable the services provision quality.
  • Integration! What does it mean? How important is that?
  • The supply chain in healthcare is a real challenge. Is it similar to any other business? Or we are different?
  •  We are not alone! Hospitals, Patients are not only one to one relationships! We have Third parties on board, Who are they? What is the role of them?
  • As healthcare became a business! We need Businessmen, investment, Money, Banking processes.
  • Number of lectures 10
  • Number of hours 04:33:22

Course Topics

Course Instructor

Dr. Ramy Tantawi

Dr. Ramy Tantawi

Strategic Planning & Business Development Manager

Dar El Oyoun Hospitals & Centers

Previous Work Experience 

Dar El Oyoun Sheikh Zayed Hospital Executive Manager

Experienced in Policies & Procedures Writing & Developing

Experienced in Creating & Planning the proper patient Experience in Medical Facilities

Experience 11 years in Healthcare Management

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